Under new restrictions, some of your favourite iOS apps may be removed from the App Store


Under the new update policy, iOS apps may be removed from the App Store.

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Apple has stated that it will begin eliminating apps from the iOS App Store if they haven’t gotten upgrades in the last three years.

Developers of smartphone apps that have not been updated within this time frame will receive an email from Apple informing them that their software has been flagged for removal from the App Store.


Apps that have not been downloaded at all, or only a few times, within a rolling twelve-month period will be deleted as well.

The new regulations may be tough, but Apple said in a statement that developers who have forgotten about their projects would be given opportunity to challenge the decision to remove their apps. They will likewise be discarded From the time the deletion notice is sent, users have up to 90 days to update their apps.

Changes to the App Store policy

The decision comes after Apple took efforts to remove applications from the App Store that were not optimised for newer versions of iOS. This is the first time, though, that Apple has removed fully functional apps.


Many developers have expressed their displeasure with the decision to change App Store policy. Em Lazer-Walker, a Toronto-based game developer, openly chastised the action, writing on Twitter: “Games may exist as completed products!”

“These free projects are finished artworks from years ago, so they’re not ideal for updates or a live service model,” she continued.

Apple, on the other hand, has touted a number of advantages for both consumers and developers, including the ability to more easily identify apps that meet their needs when older programmes are removed from the App Store.


Furthermore, Apple claims that the move will improve security and privacy because its hardware and software are continually changing, and the tools it provides developers are routinely updated.

According to an Apple spokeswoman, “this helps us ensure apps run for the vast majority of customers and supports our latest improvements in security and privacy.” “As part of this process, we have removed nearly 2.8 million apps over the last six years.”

Another advantage of the change is that it will help keep programmes up to date and in line with new screen sizes, SDKs, APIs, and other capabilities available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, according to Apple.


Apple isn’t the only tech company working to ensure that its ecosystem’s apps are compatible with the most recent version of its operating system. Google recently imposed a requirement that new apps and app upgrades target an Android API level within one year of the release of the most recent major Android OS version.

Apps and updates that do not match this criterion will not be accepted for publication on Google Play.


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