Xbox and Game Pass are getting three PlayStation exclusives


Do the unthinkable and plunge into infinity.

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Three underappreciated indies from PlayStation are making the move to Xbox and Game Pass in the near future.

Solar Ash, The Pathless, and Maquette have all been console exclusives in the previous several years, launching on PS5, PS4, and PC. Soon, they’ll be available for Xbox gamers, too. Announced at this week’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, users of Microsoft’s platform will be able to play the independent titles for the first time.


As for Maquette and Solar Ash, they’ll be available through Xbox Game Pass, while the latter is coming to Xbox, but not as part of the subscription service. Maquette and Solar Ash have a winter release window, but there are no exact dates yet. Winter in the Northern Hemisphere; summer in the Southern. Maquette and The Pathless will be available on the Nintendo Switch as well, so don’t worry about missing out.

Even while each of the three games has its own distinct genre and is developed by a different team, they all have one thing in common. As you speed through weird new realms, each one instils a feeling of adventure.

The neon-colored core of a black hole is your playground in Solar Ash, a cosmic platformer. Aside from battling strange monsters and navigating parkour-style obstacles, you’ll be sprinting across levels that defy gravity. You may anticipate a considerable bit of nuanced narrative from the developers of Hyper Light Driver.


The Pathless, on the other hand, is a vast mystical journey. With the help of her eagle, the hunter is able to accomplish some remarkable acrobatics. Like Flower, the game’s ethereal open-world is reminiscent of an indie mega-hit adventure with its fluid movement and pastel colour palette.

Finally, Maquette is a first-person abstract puzzle game that experiments with the concept of scale. As you travel through the game’s MC Escher-inspired landscape, everything from little pots to enormous structures will transform. It’s a little strange at times, like the two games mentioned above.

No matter what you decide, we’ve got plenty of more suggestions on our list of the best independent games.


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