You can now drag and drop cats (and other photos) across apps using Google Keep


This small function is undoubtedly intended to please tablet enthusiasts.

image credits: 9to5google

Google like to keep things simple with Keep when it comes to writing notes. Unfortunately, a lot of potential customers think the software is a little too basic and lacks key essential functions. As a result, the corporation is taking action. After a few text formatting improvements were recently added, Google Keep is now receiving a new feature that makes it simpler to transfer photographs between the applications you use.

In Android’s split-screen mode, you can now drag images from the image carousel into a Google Keep note before dragging them out onto other applications. Even while we were able to make drag-and-drop from Keep function on phones, it’s evident from the one GIF that accompanied Google’s blog post that this feature is truly intended for tablets.


We’ve been able to confirm from our limited testing that, at least with Google Messages and the Google Workspace applications like Docs or Drive, you won’t be able to drop photographs into anything that isn’t a Google app at this time. In all honesty, we’d prefer to use third-party messaging applications, but we assume Google will need to expand certain APIs to make that viable. We guess it’ll take some time for it to occur.

If you recall, Google initially included the little taskbar at the bottom of the sample GIF along with a number of other improvements in Android 12L in order to finally show some love for tablets. In a large-screen environment, drag-and-drop capabilities would be tremendously helpful across many apps, so we’re crossing our fingers for more of this, please and thank you.


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